Eco-Packaging at House Of Rajput

Eco-Packaging at House Of Rajput

We love all beautiful packaging and especially more so when packaging comes sustainable and at eco-friendly ways. At House Of Rajput, we strive to reduce carbon footprint right from where our jewellery is made. Our jewellery are chemical-free and our collections are sourced across India, handmade in small batches by local Indian artisans. In doing so, we generate a sustainable livelihood for these artisans also known affectionately in India as "karigars". They come from families of skilled craftsmen whose craftsmanship are passed down from one generation to the other with great mastery of their crafts.

In our packaging, we take pride in using materials that come natural and aesthetically close to nature, in the hope of taking on the path towards sustainable packaging. 

We have partnered up with Noissue, an eco-packaging company based out of New Zealand where we manufacture our customised paper tissues and stickers we use in our packaging. They come printed in soy-based inks which means no petroleum based composites are left behind when decomposed. As a member of the Eco Packaging Alliance, we are proud to say we have planted a tree with every order we made with Noissue! We also make sure most of our packaging are FSC certified and comes fully compostable, recyable and reusable right from the inserts we use to the mailer bags we have sourced from Australia. The next time you receive a package mailer from us, be sure to check out those mailer bags we sent. We hope you can reuse them with ease for your own mailing needs!

While we will not say we are a fully sustainable brand yet, we know the road to sustainability has just begun and we are stoked to be in this journey for the long run. 

Tag us when you receive our package mailers with #RAJPUTTRIBE. We hope you love our complimentary gift-wraps that we make the most out of materials we find from our homes to the fresh flowers we have dried. Let's do our part in championing towards a safe and healthy environment.