About House Of Rajput

House Of Rajput curates contemporary one-of-a-kind jewellery sourced from independent designers across the globe while keeping India at heart. We focused on bringing the best of different cultural heritages through contemporary statement accessories for the modern women that prides itself on superior design and quality.

The inspiration behind the label comes from the gap we spotted in the market for the modern women like ourselves looking for statement jewellery pieces that are both wearable and affordable. Born and raised in Singapore with Chinese lineage, Jia's self-professed love for India started almost immediately after meeting her soul mate who comes from India,  Mr. Rajput. This label is an evolution of Jia's bi-racial relationship with India seen through the eyes of her inspired Indian soul. Alongside Jia's hope to bring India's rich heritage of craftsmanship to the world, the ideation of House Of Rajput was born. Our label aims to create an accessories one-stop shop and curate a selection of statement pieces with reference to global cultural aesthetics for the modern women. 

Our label name "Rajput" is derived from Jia's extended family roots that are tied to the Rajputs from Rajasthan fondly remembered as warriors with glamorous courtly history of royalty and valour. We celebrate women as warriors and hope to inspire the multifaceted women today to feel empowered and beautiful wearing curated pieces from our house. 

We house one-of-a-kind statement pieces bringing an eclectic mix of global independently curated designers and artisans to tell their stories behind the crafts made. 

"Singapore and India will always be where our hearts lie, this is the beginning of our story. Our way of celebrating cross cultures."

All my heart and soul with love, 

welcome to our world

Supporting Designers and Artisans of their Crafts

"I have always been passionate about finding out new and emerging designers who push boundaries and experiment with something a little unconventional. Being exposed to the rich craftsmanship of India, I had very early on wanted to celebrate these designers and artisans behind them by bringing their talents and skills to the world." - Jia


Our products are handcrafted by traditional crafts artisans in India using an experimental range of semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals, natural stones and pearls. Each product slightly different from the other. 

One-stop destination

We pride ourselves as a one-stop destination for designer statement jewellery focused on bringing the best of Indian heritage through a selection of curated collections of independent emerging designers from India. 

Empowering Women

We celebrate women as warriors and hope to inspire the multifaceted women today to feel empowered and beautiful wearing curated pieces from our house designed by Indian designers handcrafted ethnically.