Maya Moyen

Maya Moyen

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Libella hails from Guatemala known for her crystals embellished miniature bags inspired by the glamour of the Great Gatsby from the rocking 1920s, a reflection of the glitz and glam of the Parisian soirèe.  These collection pieces are completely handcrafted by artisanal women in rural Guatemala, most of them single mothers. Our unique pieces are characterized by their elegance, vibrancy and most importantly that extra fun dose of colours that radiates happiness to the user. Featuring emerald green crystals with Maya strap. Each bag is made of approximately 500 crystals using 10 hours of sewing time.  
25 by 23cm
Avoid moisture and perfume and store in a ziplock bag or soft fabric pouch. 
Item will be shipped out immediately after order is taken. Limited numbers in stock. 

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