House Of Rajput feature on Expat Living: Affordable jewellery that does the talking!"

House Of Rajput feature on Expat Living: Affordable jewellery that does the talking!"

"I'd really encourage women to come forward and try on new accessories they never thought they would wear. Many of us end up staying fixed to a certain style that holds us back to experiment with something different." - Jia Rajput, Founder and Chief Creator of House Of Rajput. 

Our founder, Jia had the pleasure to speak with Expat Living late last year on her vision for House Of Rajput, a one-stop multi label e-commerce platform unveiling emerging designers from all corners of the world with focus on South Asia.  In her words, Jia believes that every woman deserves a chance at expressing themselves through the power of jewellery. Spotting the gap in the market back in 2018 for the lack of statement jewellery pieces in the local market of Singapore where Jia currently resides, Jia wanted to create a piece of jewellery for every woman, powerful enough for them to feel empowered and expressive. It was not long after when Jia travelled to India for the first time where she got exposed to the incredible craftsmanship of the gifted artisans from India alongside the array of exquisite jewellery available in every nook and cranny of the streets. 

"The desire to showcase these talented designers became so strong that it was no doubt the direction of our brand was going to be a multi-stop platform where we bring in these amazing jewellery pieces to everyone we know" says Jia.  

Whether you are going for a bohemian chic look or cocktail glamour, House Of Rajput has something for you. Clients looking to add some glam and an unorthodox element to their style tend to like our line of affordable statement jewellery. 

With the rising trend in oversized earrings and chunky linked chains, statement jewellery is here to stand the test of time. After all, in the world of the same same, why fit in when you can stand out? Let jewellery amplify you and make you stand out in your own creative ways. 

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